Art and Philanthropy is currently collaborating with
PEACE, (, a non-profit in the
US and Mexico, which works with rural Mexican
families, specifically women and children, helping to
better their living and working conditions, as well as
their environment.  It is an awesome organization,
headed by some real grassroots movers and shakers.
Earlier this year, I created a collection of 5 pieces
and donated the images to PEACE for their use in
creating prints, cards etc., as a fund raising vehicle.
 So far, there has been a great response to the
pieces.  Each print is available on my etsy site,
.  I've pledged to
donate $5 from each purchase of the PEACE
collection to PEACE's women's co-op.
Art &
Apart from the art, I also create product prototypes for
PEACE's women's co-op, products made from
predominately recycled material which can be created
and sold to businesses in the tourist areas.  With the
money earned from sales, the co-op grows, providing
more and better income opportunities for area women.  
Because of the co-op's success, we are able to start a
new and very exciting project, the Cloth Diaper
Initiative.  The designs are in the developmental phase,
and soon we will introduce them to the co-op and start
production.  This is a great step ahead for the
community and the environment.  A big thanks to
Happy Bambino, Madison, WI for lending us your
expertise and support!
If you have ideas about how Art and Philanthropy's
products could help an organization or cause important to
you, please email me at  I would love to hear
from you!
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